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     As a frequent customer of Kings Cross Carpet Cleaning Services, it's easy for me to say how fantastic their services are. They've done a fantastic job for me each time, making them an ideal company to deal with.
Dan E.03/05/2023
     I want to give their house cleaners massive thumbs up! Kudos to everyone at KingsCrossCarpetCleaners. They're certainly a customer-orientated company, know how to work towards achieving customer satisfaction. I was more than satisfied with the service carried out by their experts.
H. Goldbloom19/05/2020
     Simply the best rug cleaning service!
Camelia Cathey20/09/2019
     I've been waiting to tell people about KingsCrossCarpetCleaners for a while now and the difference that they've been able to make in my house are exactly why I've been telling friends and family about them for such a long time. I thought it was only fair that, after all the help that they've been giving me, I came on here and passed on some of the praise which they so richly deserve. When it comes to finding a great way in which to stay on top of the cleaning, they're the only company I would call.
Jack Barnes04/06/2014
     I'd read loads of great reviews about KingsCrossCarpetCleaners, prior to booking them, and always thought surely they are not this good as people make out? Well, what can I say? I was absolutely wrong on this occasion because not only are they exceptionally good but they are more than that they are outstandingly brilliant and never in a million years would I have expected anything anywhere near as good as this. I'm now a fully fledged and committed client, which is slightly worrying me to be honest because I may never attempt another household chore in my life, again, oops, don't tell the wife I said that!
     I would like to recommend KingsCrossCarpetCleaners to all those out there who are keen to ensure that they are getting great value for money. I was extremely surprised with how far my cash went, and was very happy to see that they had managed to do a lot more in a couple of hours than I could have done in a week. I'll certainly be getting the team back round as soon as possible next week, because I love coming home to a clean flat! Highly recommended, ten out of ten and all that!